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____The company "Albatros Seafood", one of Russia's leading seafood enterprises, was founded in 1994. Headquartered is in Denmark, the Aalborg.


Production in Russia

____Albatros Seafood Production" Ltd. Company is located 2 km from Moscow on Kashirskoye Highway. Established in October 2001, the Company is set to be a significant force in the Russian market. The facilities contain surimi production line, lines for freezing and packing of frozen raw and cooked sea products, in particular shell on prawns, peeled shrimps, mussel meat, baby squid, sea scallops, cuttlefish, octopus, sea cocktail, breading line, etc. All production lines are fitted with the latest and most updated equipment.
____ The Company constantly expands the range of products to meet the growing needs of its customers and in view of the latest technological innovations. "Albatros Seafood Production" offers to Russian consumers a wide range of sea delicacies, cooked and frozen shrimps, surimi products (crab sticks and crab meat). Minced fish and food additives involved in our production are subject to conformity certification and testing by the Company's laboratory. All these procedures guarantee the microbiological safety of manufactured products.

____The key factors of high reputation among customers and suppliers successful business activity of the ompany, even in times of global economic crisis are following:
____ Scandinavian management,
____ Strict implementation of its obligations,
____ The continuing maintenance of high standards of quality of production and processing of seafood,
____ The strategy of minimization costs;
____ The priority of work in the legal field and unconditional compliance with the Russian legislation.
____ High-tech industrial complex, which entered into the force in 2002 in Moscow region which is equipped with the most modern machinery make the company "Albatros Sea Food Moscow" a major supplier of seafood to the Russian market during many years.
____ Network of carefully selected suppliers from northern Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada, North and South America, enables the use of the best raw materials of the highest quality. In order to optimize the product selection and the best raw materials, companys specialists regularly visit the world's leading trade fairs of seafood (Boston, Brussels, Hong Kong).
____ Continued development and expansion of the range of products produced by own brands "Albatross and "Alpina , improving the process of production, a consistently high requirements for suppliers of raw materials make cooperation with "Albatross Seafood Moscow" attractive and lucrative for partners.
It was the conformity of production and technology to the highest standards of quality allows the company to consistently win tenders of leading Russian retail chains ("Auchan", "Magnit", "X5 Retail Group", "Kopeika," "Dixie, etc.) on the production of goods for own brands (private lables).
____Today, retail and wholesale trade network to confirm the stability of quality and safety of supplied food products have additional requirements for supplying enterprise. Compliance with these requirements is a necessary condition for market presence and driving force for improving product quality. "Albatros Seafood Production" became the pioneer in the fishing industry in Russia, successfully demonstrating compliance of its own production to European quality and safety standards and receiving in December 2012 BRC Certificate (British Retail Consortium).
____Additional competitive advantages of the Company "Albatros Seafood Moscow", making cooperation not only useful, but also enjoyable:
____ Strict adherence to contract terms and shipment schedule,
____ constant minimizing costs for low prices
____ flexible marketing policy
____ constant optimization of the logistics process.


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