____ Surimi is traditional Japanese product well-known for centuries. Only pure white fish meat is used for the production of surimi base. Fish has to be completely released from bones, fat and cholesterol. As a result, the most valuable component which is a pure protein, rich of iodine and iron remains. In Russia the most famous products of surimi are crab sticks and crab meat. These products are favored ingredients of various salads and other starters. This nutritious and tasty food may be perfectly blended with the other ingredients for cooking a variety of dishes.
____ Albatros Seafood" offers crab sticks in bulk, which are of high quality and attractive price.

Energy value of the product:
____ 100 g surimi contains 82 calories (less than a glass of milk), and 13 mg of calcium, 14 mg of magnesium, 64 mg of potassium, 0.3 mg of iron, about 1 mg of vitamin B12 (DV) and other items.


Product Weight Package
Crab sticks Albatros100g5,5 kg/box
Crab sticks Albatros200g6 kg/box
Crab sticks Albatros240g5,76 kg/box
Crab sticks Albatros200g4 kg/box
Crab sticks Albatrosbulk5 kg/box

Crab sticks Albatros at the cold store

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